Samsung’s S Voice Looks Oddly Similar to Apple’s Siri [VIDEO]


Image via SlashGear

Earlier today, Samsung announced their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S III. This new smartphone runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and sports a massive 4.8 inch HD screen. Once particular feature introduced was Samsung’s new voice navigation feature, appropriately called S Voice (that uses Vlingo as one of their voice recognition software partners).

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Below are screenshots of asking the weather to each voice service. Siri on the left; S Voice on the right:


We’ve seen some press provide some hands on with S Voice, and there’s no doubt it does look like a shameless rip-off of Siri, all the way down to the interface, icon design, and purple colours.

Check out the hands-on demo of S Voice from Android Central and tell me what you think (you’ll find out if it passes the ‘woodchuck test’ or not). Are the aesthetics of S Voice just a ‘coincidence’?