Saskatchewan Sees Increase in Distracted Driving Despite Fewer Tickets

Distracted driving has become the leading cause of motor vehicle crashes in Saskatchewan, accounting for 42 deaths and 1,205 injuries in 2016.

Even though distracted driving is still a major contributor to crashes, statistics sow that the conviction rates are dropping. SGI analytics spokesman Tyler McMurchy said that it’s much harder for police to confirm if a driver in a crash was distracted at the moment of impact. In a statement, McMurchy said:

“It’s important to remember no text, no phone call, no tweet or Instagram post is worth a $280 fine or four points on your licence. It’s certainly not worth injuring someone or potentially killing someone.

We have seen an increase in collisions, an increase in injuries, and an increase in fatalities when it comes to collisions related to distracted driving.”

McMurchy said that speed cameras are reducing the number of collisions. Over the past five years, motorists used to average 97 crashes per year. However, since the cameras were installed this average has dropped to 72 crashes per year.

[via CBC News]