Google Maps Live Trip Sharing Now Available on iOS

JourneySharing iOS 1

Starting today, Google Maps users on iOS can easily share live location, route, and ETA with their contacts. The update also allows for sharing location across third-party apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and more, allowing users to communicate with their loved ones on the platforms they prefer. 

“Getting where you need to go is important, but making it to your destination safe and sound is the most important thing of all. Today, Google Maps is improving journey sharing and bringing it to iOS, making it easier to share your ETA with loved ones so you can keep your hands off your phone and your eyes on the road.”

To share your location using Google Maps’ live trip sharing, simply tap on the ? button and then on “Share trip progress” after you’ve started navigating to your destination. Opening in Google Maps, the recipient will see your progress on a live map with your name, avatar, and current mode of transportation.

The estimated arrival time is featured, along with the ability to open directions on your device, as well as a quick way to send your own location. Once the journey ends, location sharing is automatically stopped.

You can grab the latest version of Google Maps for iOS at this link.