Shazam Hits the 100 Million Monthly Active Users Mark


Music identification service Shazam has today announced it now has over 100 million mobile monthly active users (MAUs), a 34% increase year-over-year and a milestone achieved in the past by services like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. According to the TheNextWeb, Shazam saw over 500 million mobile downloads, identifying songs over 20 million times per day.

“Shazam is evolving from being a way to identify a song to a way for people to explore and connect with the world around them,” said Rich Riley, CEO. “Shazam now delivers a deeper discovery and content experience for music and TV, with retail, cinema and more coming soon. Our rapid user growth and engagement demonstrates that consumers are hungry for an immersive mobile experience.” 

Over the past year, Shazam has accelerated its product roadmap, delivering regular updates enhancing the app’s functionality. The app also continues to rank as a top-rated app across the globe. In the U.S. Shazam is the No.14 iPhone app and the No. 22 app on all smartphones. On the advertising front, Shazam has made more than 500 television commercials Shazamable, and allows brands to connect with users through a second screen environment.

Last month, Shazam for Mac was introduced, bringing music identification to the desktop for the first time.