Shortage Of 27-Inch iMacs Could Indicate An Upcoming Refresh

As of lately we haven’t covered the recent reports of iMac shortages, but over the past week many U.S. retailers saw stock shortages of the 27-inch iMacs. Usually when we see shortages of the Apple TV or Mac, a refresh is on the horizon. We saw the issue with the Apple TV during late February, and sure enough the updated Apple TV was revealed in mid-March.

So to find out just how horrible the 27-inch iMac shortage situation really is, Macrumors has completed a survey of 249 U.S. Apple store locations. It was found that both 27-inch iMac models were completely out of stock at near half the Apple retail outlets.

Here is more on the shortage: (via Macrumors)

Our survey of Apple’s retail stores shows that 120 out of the 249 U.S. locations are currently out of stock of the base 27-inch iMac model, with 135 locations being out of stock of the high-end configuration. Most of the stores are quoting a pickup date in the range of September 4-7, indicating that Apple will be able to deliver new orders for pickup fairly quickly, although some locations are quoting availability for as far out as September 11.

The other model, the 21.5-inch iMac, is still available at all Apple stores and at retail outlets. So does this mean only the 27-inch model will receive a refresh?

Also from my own research, the Future Shop is indicating out-of-stock online, and sketchy availability in-store. Same goes with many Best Buy stores located in Canada.

The iMac refresh would bring the newly updated Ivy Bridge processors to the 27-inch models. With Macbook Pro’s receiving retina-display, it’s not out of the question that we see a retina update either (boy would that be expensive).