Silicone Cases by Orion Gadgets Review and CONTEST!!

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Today’s post will be a case review and give-away from Orion Gadgets.


Silicone Skin cases by Orion Gadgets.

Recently I came across some iPhone accessories from Orion Gadgets. In particular were some silicone skin cases; one black, one white. Both cases were identical except for the colours of course and come with regular backings; no designs or anything to clutter it up. The material with these cases felt thicker than most silicone cases which is nice to see because a little thickness with silicones adds to the durability of the case. Both cases cover the entire back, sides, top, and bottom of the iPhone leaving holes open for the camera, the headphone jack, the sleep/wake button, the SIM tray, the silent switch, the dock connector, and speaker/microphone. Only the screen portion, home button, and incoming audio microphone (and sensors) are exposed on the front.



After trying the cases on the iPhone 3G, they both provide a fairly tight fit. However, I did find the area around the Home Button to be somewhat loose instead of really tight as it has been with previous silicone cases I have used, but it hardly caused an issue. Since the cases are of the silicone type, they do not add bulk or weight to the iPhone 3G, but if you were to drop the phone with these cases on, the iPhone 3G would likely be damaged.

After testing the cases, everything about them works pretty well. Since they are just silicone cases they provide that tight, snug fit that really reveals the true form factor of the iPhone 3G while at the same time adding some protection. Overall, I like them. Both cases provide adequate protection and a form fitting design for an 8/10 score.

The Silicone Skin cases can be purchased from the Orion Gadget online store, however I am giving away both pictured above TODAY! Read below to find out how to win!


Orion Gadgets case give-aways

As mentioned above, I will be giving away these cases from Orion Gadgets to two lucky winners!

Post in the comments below of why silicone cases are better than other cases….or are they? As a BONUS, the most creative answer will receive an additional accessory for their iPhone/iPhone 3G from Orion Gadgets!

The contest will run until Monday September 8 at 12:01am. Any submissions after that date/time will not be accepted.