Always-On “Hey Siri” on the iPhone Helps Save Baby Girl’s Life

Australian mom Stacey Gleeson from Cairns, is thankful to have always-on Siri on her iPhone 6s, as it helped save the life of her one-year old girl Giana, according to 7 News.

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When Gleeson found out her baby was blue and had stopped breathing via her baby monitor, she ran to her to quickly check her airwaves. But doing so resulted in not having an extra hand to call for help—that is until she remember always-on Siri on her iPhone.

Gleeson yelled out “Hey Siri, call the ambulance,” which prompted her iPhone to call for help and “before I knew it the ambulance was on its way and Giana was breathing again.”

Stacey’s husband applauded the always-on “Hey Siri” feature on the latest iPhones, saying “Kids .. everybody, everybody should be aware of the abilities of their phone,” adding “It’s helped save our daughter’s life and I never thought I’d have to go through something like that.”

To enable always-on Siri on your iPhone (latest 6s models only), go to Settings > General > Siri > Allow “Hey Siri” > ON. Other iOS devices have “Hey Siri” as well but only when plugged in and charging.

Apple is rumoured to debut an improved version of Siri at next week’s WWDC, with the possibility of an SDK coming out for developers to integrate the voice assistant into apps.

Good story. Kudos to the mom for quick thinking and using Siri to call for help.