Apple’s Siri Can Now Roar Like a Lion and Quack Like a Duck

If you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 14.3, which has just been rolled out by Apple, you can make Siri quack like a duck or roar like a lion as Apple has now included all these animal sounds, and more, inside the latest iOS release (via CNBC News).

Os x lion logo

To give this new feature a try, simply say, “Hey Siri, what does a duck sound like?.” In response, Siri will play the natural call of a ruddy duck. Apple says it has included hundreds of sounds in iOS 14.3, including animals, instruments, and vehicles. 

Siri also brings up a picture of the animal and a link to more information from Wikipedia on the iPhone and iPad. Below are some more examples of what you can ask Siri:

  • “Hey Siri, what does a humpback whale sound like?”
  • “Hey Siri, what does a toy poodle sound like?
  • “Hey Siri, what does a harp sound like?”
  • “Hey Siri, what do firetrucks sound like?”

The audio Siri plays is quite realistic and not exaggerated or cartoon-like. Check it out now and tell us which sound you like the best in the comments section below.