SkipTheDishes, McCain Foods Canada Team Up to Talk Spud Sales During COVID-19

Amid a dramatic decline in demand as a result of restaurant front of house closures, SkipTheDishes and McCain Foods Canada have teamed up to talk spud sales during COVID-19.


As Canadians supported local restaurants and relied upon food delivery as a tool for physical distancing, restaurants on the SkipTheDishes network provided a medium for potato sales and helped channel potatoes through the supply chain.

Overall, SkipTheDishes saw its customers order 72% more potato products during COVID-19 than before the pandemic.

Key findings include the following:

  • Potatoes for delivery. Since the beginning of COVID-19, Skip has sold nearly 7 million pounds of potato products on its network! In weight, that’s the equivalent of over 600 elephants.
  • Restaurant data. Canadians love potatoes. 1 in every 4 orders at restaurants includes a potato item.
  • New Brunswick potato orders skyrocketed. While potato sales on Skip increased 72% across Canada during COVID-19, New Brunswick saw the sharpest increase with 102% more orders containing potatoes.
  • Fries are a favourite at restaurants. Across Canada, 1 in every 6 orders at a restaurant includes French Fries. On Skip, 88% of all potato orders are fries.
  • Eastern affinity. On Skip, PEI and New Brunswick have the highest percentage of orders that contain fries—but Ontarians ordered the most potatoes with a total of 8,870,047.
  • Breakfast food. The most popular time to order hashbrowns is 9 a.m., while fries and mashed potatoes peak at 5 p.m. for dinner.

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