Sn0wbreeze 1.5.2 Released

This week the iH8Sn0w Dev team release version 1.5.2 of their jailbreak software, “Sn0wbreeze“. Sn0wbreeze allows Windows users to build a custom software, that you use to restore with in iTunes, to achieve your jailbreak. This new version now supports iPhone OS 3.1.3, and fixes an issue with 64bit systems.

You can also use Sn0wbreez to setup custom boot logos, activate your iPhone, adjust root partition size, and more. Sn0wbreeze currently supports iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS (older bootrom), iPod Touch 1G, and iPod Touch 2G (non MC serial number). No support for iPod Touch 3G or newer bootrom iPhone 3GS at this time. Sn0wbreeze will preserve an unlockable baseband, but it is not an unlocking tool. You will still need to use other tools like Ultrasn0w or Blacksn0w, if you are not on a legit carrier.

Sn0wbreeze works very similarly to the iPhone Dev Team‘s Pwnage Tool. You provide the official firmware and Sn0wbreeze creates a custom firmware that is jailbroken and activated, with Cydia already installed. You simply follow the on-screen prompts. To install your custom firmware, you connect your device to your computer, via USB, hold “Shift” and click “Restore” in iTunes, point to your custom firmware, and let iTunes do the rest. Once your device reboots, you’re done! For some tutorials on jailbreaking, just search our blog.

Some people have experienced the “1600” errors when restoring, but iH8sn0w have a program called iReb, which helps you bypass these errors.

As always, you jailbreak at your own risk. iPhoneinCanada will not take responsibility for anything harm you may do to your device. In general, we recommend using the jailbreak tools from the iPhone Dev Team, if you are able to get your hands on a Mac. If you are a Windows only person, than this may be the solution for you.

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