Sonos Speakers Can Now Stream from Spotify Free Accounts

Spotify Sonos

Sonos announced today its speakers now support streaming from Spotify Free accounts. This means you can listen to Spotify’s entire catalogue on shuffle for free, without the need for a paid premium account.

According to Sonos, you’ll be able to listen to music, podcasts and more, while also get access to 15 personalized on-demand playlists such as:

  • Discover Weekly
  • Release Radar
  • Daily Mix
  • RapCaviar
  • Viva Latino

You’ll be able to use the stream Spotify Free through the Sonos app or the Spotify app. With Google Assistant on your voice-enabled Sonos, you’ll be able to start playlists based on title, genre or mood.

“Spotify Free enables even more listeners to enjoy the best of Spotify with great sound on Sonos,” explained the company to iPhone in Canada.

How to setup Spotify Free on Sonos? Make sure you have the latest Sonos app update, then head to Settings > Services > click Add a Service under Music & Content > Set-up or Log-in.

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