Sonos Adds Multi-Channel LPCM Support, New Upgrade Program

Sonos is adding a widely-demanded feature to its Arc soundbar with a new software update, bringing multi-channel LPCM support to the flagship Dolby Atmos product.

Launched in May, the Sonos Arc was the company’s largest and most capable soundbar. Supporting Dolby Atmos surround sound for the first time, it also offers Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support, plus the ability to set up a wireless surround system with other Sonos speakers.

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What it didn’t offer was multi-channel LPCM. Unlike the two channels of normal PCM, the multi-channel variant can transmit up to eight channels of sound over the eARC connection. Back in May, Sonos confirmed it planned to add the technology in a later firmware update, and today it’s being released.

Additionally, the company is retiring its controversial Sonos Trade Up program, replacing it with a new Upgrade Program which promises hardware discounts for those users with older devices.

“Sonos’ Upgrade Program is a new loyalty program that rewards long-time Sonos customers with the option to upgrade or expand their Sonos system at home,” explains the company in an emailed statement to iPhone in Canada.

“Customers who are currently enjoying some of our earlier products can now add the latest Sonos speakers to their set-up for up to 30% off – including Arc for immersive home theater or Move for a powerful speaker for inside, outside, and on-the-go.”

Depending on which Sonos product you already have, you could get up to 30-percent off a new purchase. The exact amount depends on which products you already own:

• 15% off any Sonos product if you have: Connect:AMP (Gen 2), Connect (Gen 2), Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 (Gen 2), Playbar, and Playbase. One discount per eligible product.
• 30% off any Sonos product if you have: Connect:AMP (Gen 1), Connect (Gen 1), and Play:5 (Gen 1). One discount per eligible product.
• 30% off Boost: If you have Bridge. One discount per eligible product.

One discount is available per eligible product, so if you have two first-generation Play:1 speakers you could get two 15-percent discounts off two new products. Users can see what they qualify for by logging into their Sonos account.