Speedtest Shootout: iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s [VIDEO]


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Earlier this week, the first iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reviews hit the web. Part of Mashable’s review included a quick video speedtest comparing the iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s.

The video below shows boot up times, launching a webpage and also loading up an intensive game such as BioShock. While the test is just one of many expected speedtest videos to arrive on the internet, it will surely satisfy those who crave these types of comparisons:

Yesterday, some preliminary iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus benchmarks hit the web. The iPhone 6 launch is tomorrow and pre-orders from Apple have already shipped.

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  • the6ee6

    is it or is the music in the video reminiscent of some pokemon games?