Steve Ballmer: Apple and Microsoft are Just Amazing “Two-Trick Ponies”

Speaking to students at the Oxford Union, former Microsoft CEO deemed Apple (and Microsoft) amazing companies because they are “two-trick” ponies, according to Geekwire (via Re/code):

After inventing the modern PC, Ballmer said Microsoft’s second trick was working with IBM and figuring out how to incorporate microprocessors into the way businesses work. He added that Apple is also a two-trick pony, having built the Macintosh and then pushing forward low-power touch computing, starting with the iPod.

“They’re an amazing company because they did two tricks,” Ballmer said of Apple. “We’re an amazing company because we did two tricks.”

Ballmer was always seen as the outspoken leader of Microsoft, post-Bill Gates. His video of him laughing at the original iPhone has accumulated over 1.4 million views on YouTube since 2007:

Oh, Ballmer. If only you were able to lead Microsoft to its third trick. The former CEO retired and was replaced by Satya Nadella earlier this year.