Steve Jobs Biography Tops Amazon’s Best Seller Book List for 2011

Have you read the Steve Jobs bio written by Walter Isaacson? The book takes an intriguing look behind the scenes of what the Apple co-founder was really like in his interactions with others. I found the book to be ‘insanely great’, rather than ‘shit’ as Steve would’ve put it.

In less than two months, the biography has surged to reach the top of Amazon’s best seller book list for 2011.

Thanks to a combination of a brilliant marketing, alongside the death of Steve Jobs, many flocked to the book to seek a deeper look into the life of Jobs. Isaacson was given free reign to write the book without any input from Steve, and for two years was never questioned about the content of the book.

Did you buy the Steve Jobs biography? Share your thoughts about the book below!

[via MacRumors]