Steve Jobs Even Had Doubts Regarding The iPhone

The iPhone was released during a time smartphones were almost unheard of. Sure, there were a few smartphones, such as the BlackBerry, but that was really all there was. Due to the bare smartphone community, Steve Jobs sure did have some doubts regarding his touchscreen smartphone.

According to Apple industrial designer Chris Stringer, the iPhone’s design was very “risky and challenging”. Apple’s team of designers had doubts on many original iPhone prototypes. Even Steve Jobs himself had doubts, according to Stringer, via AllThingsD:

“I’m aware Steve Jobs himself had doubts,” Stringer said, appearing as the first witness in Apple’s landmark patent case against Samsung.

Acknowledging that Apple’s smartphone was revolutionary, it can be tough to apprehend a competing company, Samsung, may have copied designs. Samsung though won’t admit they “copied” the iPhone’s design, arguing their products were simply inspired by the iPhone.

As Stringer won’t accept Samsung’s plea, he continues to grasp that Samsung is guilty:

“We’ve been ripped off,” Stringer said. “It’s plain to see.”

Asked by whom he felt ripped off, Stringer said many phone makers, but “Samsung in particular.”

Just take a peek at the iPhone 3GS compared to the Galaxy S i9000 (pictured above). Did Samsung quietly ripoff the Galaxy S i9000 from the iPhone 3GS? Or is this all just a coincidence?