VIDEO: Steve Jobs’s Pissed Off Moments (1997-2010)

Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, who always looked enjoyable and composed in front a large public, is also known for his tantrums and thunderous personalty, in private. In honor of today’s 9th anniversary of the original iPhone launch, Natalie Kerris, Twitter’s Vice President of Global Communications and former senior executive within Apple’s PR and Communications group, tweeted a link to a YouTube video titled “Steve Jobs’s PISSED OFF moments (1997-2010)”.


Kerris led PR for Apple’s major product lines under Steve Jobs’ command, including the original iPhone launch. She retired from Apple last year to take her role in Twitter, where she’s responsible for the company’s worldwide public relations strategy and global communications team.

If you haven’t had the chance to see Jobs pissed off before, just check out this video clip and tell us what you think: