Developer Ports ‘Super Mario 64’ to Apple TV [VIDEO]

Ever dreamt of playing Super Mario 64 on your Apple TV? Well, it’s no longer a dream.

A number of months ago, a GitHub project called “Super Mario 64 decomp project” allowed fans to play the iconic Nintendo 64 game on the web. Now, a developer has made is possible to play the game on the Apple TV.

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, GitHub user ckosmic was able to port the video game to the Apple TV using the sm64 decompilation project and sm64ex. The developers explain that the project was originally created for iOS devices:

Hey everyone. A couple of months ago I ported Super Mario 64 to iOS ( and since then I’ve been making improvements to it here and there. This past week I got it up and running on the Apple TV which, as shown here, runs it perfectly with the 60fps patch and full screen. Note that this is running natively on the Apple TV and uses no emulation whatsoever thanks to the sm64 decompilation project and sm64ex.

If you would like to try this out, you will need to build it from source on your Mac: Just follow the Xcode build instructions in the Wiki, and switch your build target to the Apple TV rather than iOS.

Ckosmic told commenters that the original decompilation/pc port for Super Mario 64 likely took “years” to create. They were able to make an iOS port in about a week, with a couple more weeks needed to get touch controls and the menu working. Thanks to the similarities between tvOS and iOS this Apple TV version only took a couple of days.

If you want to play the Super Mario 64 on your Apple TV, you have to enter development mode with Xcode and build the project’s source code on Mac. You can do this here. Be sure to follow the Xcode build instructions properly in the Wiki and set the target to Apple TV instead of iOS.

Ckosmic user notes that the “project/repo contains no pirated content and requires the user to provide their own copy of Super Mario 64 to extract assets from.” You can check out the video below for more details.