Surprise! Another iMessage, FaceTime Outage Affecting Some Users [Update]

Three days ago some users faced an iMessage and FaceTime outage and as of this morning it appears another one has surfaced, according to Apple’s iCloud system status page:

Screen Shot 2013 04 12 at 9 09 11 AM

Screen Shot 2013 04 12 at 9 09 17 AM

To bypass iMessage, here are instructions on how to force send a text message.

Tuesday’s outage caused users to be unable to send or receive iMessages and FaceTime calls for almost five hours. We are able to send and receive iMessages so the outage isn’t as widespread as last time. Are you currently affected by this outage? Looks like again it’s WhatsApp to the rescue…

Update: The status page says everything is back online, noting the outage lasted from 7:45AM to 9:07AM.

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  • K3

    could it maybe be connected with this new service coming up from Apple?

  • Maybe iOS 7 testing

  • K3

    could definitely be that also, thought there had been something this week about Apple introducing there own internet service and some killer new feature….