Survey Says 64% of Winnipeg Residents Want Uber

There is a slight hope that Winnipeg locals will one day be able to call an Uber, reports Metro News, citing a 164-page report that recommends ride-sharing services should be allowed to enter the market.

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The document was prepared by MNP LLP and commissioned by the Manitoba Taxicab Board, and contains 40 recommendations after consultation with more than 700 taxicab owners, 9,175 members of the public and a number of local organizations.

According to the report, ride-sharing services and more taxis would solve the supply problem Winnipeg is currently facing. That mainly surfaces during the winter months, peak periods of the day or evening, and after special events, the report notes.

“At one taxicab for every 1,252 people in the busy winter period, Winnipeg has significantly fewer taxicabs than all other compared cities, which average one taxicab for every 860 people,” it reads.

Among the recommendations, we find the need for 150 new taxi licences and access to ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. Two-thirds of the surveyed people said they want to see ride-sharing services in the city, with “Allowing Uber” being the top priority among online survey participants, the report says. The document doesn’t seem to specify whether these people were taxi cab drivers or not.

Speaking with Metro News, Uber Canada said there are no “specific launch plans for Manitoba at the moment.”