Telus Health and Sanofi Canada Launch STARsystem for Users of iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitors

Telus Health has partnered with Sanofi Canada to launch a platform called STARsystem for diabetics in Canada using the iBGStar iPhone blood glucose monitors (announced in April):

TELUS Health has partnered with Sanofi Canada to launch STARsystem, an innovative private web-based platform that gives diabetics free anywhere, anytime access to personalized education and self-management health tools. The STARsystem platform is available to diabetics who purchase BGStar and iBGStar blood glucose monitors, both developed by Sanofi Canada.

The new STARsystem will allow Canadians to focus on the following areas of diabetes management: monitoring, managing, eating, moving and feeling/emotional wellness. Telus told us existing iBGStar users will:

…benefit from the robust application environment built, deployed and managed by TELUS on behalf of Sanofi, helping them to improve their knowledge about diabetes, to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and better manage their condition. The iBGStar serial number allows secure access to the StarSystem portal.

Prior to this, there was no access to the portal for iBGStar users until Telus Health helped develop it. The new system will have a simple and intuitive GUI that will ask questions to users to then determine what feedback to provide back to the user, and all of this will be tracked through a personalized dashboard.

“Developed, built and managed by TELUS Health, the STARsystem platform provides people living with diabetes with a wealth of authoritative, useful online information about their disease,” said Paul Lepage, senior vice president,TELUS Health. “We are confident that the added value provided by the STARsystem platform will empower diabetics to take charge of their disease and make well-informed daily decisions, enabling them to lead healthier lives.”

Sanofi Canada has also included free health coaching sessions (90 minutes by phone and 6 months of online support) to further assist those living with diabetes. Any existing iBGStar users out there?