TELUS Launches 5G-Ready LTE-M Network for IoT Connectivity Across Canada

Today, TELUS has launched its new LTE-M network that specifically targets connecting IoT devices.

The LTE-M low-power wide-area (LPWA) network is available across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, plus major centres in Manitoba. The next-generation network will be able to deliver network connectivity to IoT devices with minimal power required during transmission, providing us with the ability to save battery life and make devices that are physically smaller.

In a statement, TELUS VP of IoT Michael Cihra said:

“TELUS is committed to empowering the IoT ecosystem in Canada, from providing connectivity with a world-class LTE-M network to supporting the companies and developers that will create the innovative IoT solutions of the future. TELUS’ network provides the most comprehensive LTE-M coverage in Canada, allowing for endless possibilities for IoT applications. We can’t wait to see how our customers and developer partners leverage that power to improve Canadians’ lives with IoT technologies.”

LTE-M was designed to be fully compatible with 5G technology, so it will support IoT developments in the future in areas like smart cities and agriculture. Developers will play a key role in bringing Canada’s IoT ecosystem to life, and with TELUS’ new network they have a way forward.