‘Tesla Motors’ Officially Changed its Name to ‘Tesla’

Tesla Motors is now officially named simply “Tesla.” The company filed an 8-K with the SEC on Wednesday announcing the changes. The filing states:

“Effective February 1, 2017, Tesla Motors, Inc. amended each of its certificate of incorporation and its bylaws solely to reflect a change of its corporate name to ‘Tesla, Inc.’”

Removing “Motors” from the company’s name makes sense given Tesla’s push to become an energy company. Tesla has continued to grow its battery business by launching new home and commercial batteries. In November, the company purchased the solar-panel provider Solar City, pushing it further into the energy business.

Musk has made clear that he sees an ambitious future for Tesla’s new solar venture. In October, he announced Tesla’s plans to make solar roofs, which would essentially replace the need for installing solar panels on an existing roof. Musk went on to say that Tesla’s solar roof will actually cost less for a homeowner than a normal roof.

[via The Verge]