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Tesla Releases New Promo Video for Model 3, Begins Marketing in Europe

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According to a report from Evannex, some Tesla stores in Europe have started showcasing a new promotional video for the Model 3.

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While we don’t expect to see Tesla try its hand at traditional advertising anytime soon, the new Model 3 video signals that the company’s goal of delivering a mass market electric vehicle os quickly taking shape. The video itself is nothing out of the ordinary, but for a company that tends to avoid doing spots like these, it may be a sign that deliveries are just around the corner.

As it stands now, demand for Tesla’s Model 3 isn’t exactly a pressing issue for the company. While Tesla has not published any updated figures, it’s believed that the current tally of Model 3 reservations now sits around the 380-400,000 range.

“‘When somebody comes into our store to buy a Model 3, we say well why don’t you buy a Model S or an X instead? So we anti-sell the 3.’ According to Musk, the first year of Model 3 production is already sold out, so why not have a go at upselling the customer to an S or an X, which they can buy right away? A lot of people order a Model 3 anyway, he said, but it’s worth a try.”

That being said, the real question becomes whether or not Tesla can meet such a high demand for the vehicle in a short timeframe.

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