The App Store Twitter Account is Now Live

Update 1: In one minute, the number of followers grew from 3670 to 5309. That’s about 1639 followers a minute, or over 98,000 in an hour if it stays at this pace.

The App Store has just gone live–on twitter. It currently has 3670 followers. Expect that to grow exponentially as the day progresses.

Just over an hour ago, the following tweet was sent out:

Welcome to App Store on Twitter! Follow us to discover new apps, get exclusive offers, and share with friends. #appstore

The App Store is following:


If you want to follow Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, he’s on twitter too.

This new account is managed using Vitrue Publisher. I wonder what the next tweet will be. I spoke too soon. Here it is:

@appstore: Motivation. Full-body workouts. On-demand instruction. It’s all available on Nike Training Club.  #appstore