The Cheapest StealthSIM Price in the World!

Remember yesterday’s announcement that I will soon be holding a StealthSIM contest/giveaway? Well, the deal gets even sweeter today! I have managed to secure an exclusive coupon for those purchasing a StealthSIM from iPhoneTheSolution!

If you enter the coupon code “IPHONECA” during checkout, you will receive $5 off your order! That discount makes ordering the StealthSIM from my blog the cheapest StealthSIM price in the world from an official retailer (iPhoneTheSolution)! Compare this price with eBay and other official sellers, and their prices only go as low as $99.75US, whereas our price will be $95US! Sure, it’s only $5, but since these StealthSIM prices have all been at $99, a savings of $5 can help buy you a screen protector for your iPhone!

Once again, enter the coupon code “IPHONECA” and you will get $5 off your StealthSIM order from iPhoneTheSolution. Feel free to tell your friends about this deal! Happy shopping! =)

Side note: I’ve been busy with my day job, so the upcoming StealthSIM giveaway contest should be coming within one week. Get ready to win a free StealthSIM! Thanks for being so patient! One more thing, a big MERCI BEAUCOUP to Stephane for buying me a pitcher of beer! 🙂

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