The Guardian Compares the iPhone 4S Camera with a Canon 5D

Photographer Katherine Rose of The Guardian recently put the iPhone 4S’s camera through its paces to see how it would fare in comparison with the Canon 5D Mark II that she uses professionally.

The test was carried out on a series of subjects in a couple of different lighting scenarios. You can visit this link to see all the images with detailed comparisons and explanations for each. A sample of the comparisons are below:

Pictures taken with the iPhone appears on the left:

This isn’t the first time such comparisons have been done. A few weeks back we posted a comparison between the iPhone 4S and the 8MP Samsung Galaxy SII, a 8MP Canon 20D, and a 10MP Olympus XZ-1.

In other iPhone photography news, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz recently appeared in a televised interview with MSNBC anchor Brian Williams. He asked her what she would recommend to people looking for a point-and-hoot camera. Her answer: the iPhone.

She called it the “snapshot camera of today,” as well as remarking on how many people show her photographs of their children by pulling out an iPhone. In what could be a line from a future Apple ad, she even makes the comment that the iPhone camera is “so accessible and easy.”

Be sure to check out the video.