The iPhone Homescreen Screenshot Post!

Hey everyone, I thought I’d mix it up today by letting you guys have some input for my next post! Get ready to get interactive! Lots of people who want an iPhone might not have any clue about what the possibilities are with customizing your iPhone homescreen/springboard.

So the task for you guys today is to take a screenshot of your springboard using ScreenShot, then emailing it to me! I will compile as many as I can in an upcoming post I will display a gallery of them with your name next to yours. Let’s see how unique your iPhones really are!

How to take a screenshot of your Springboard

  1. Launch Installer. Make sure you have a solid list of “sources”.
  2. Go to Install. Go to the Utilities category. Install ScreenShot (don’t see it? check here). Press the Home button.
  3. Launch ScreenShot and turn it “ON”. Change your file image save directory to “Camera Roll 100APPLE” (yours may look different; basically this will save images to the photo gallery).
  4. Press Home. You will see a small icon that says “snap” in the corner. Press it.
  5. Email your picture to AT gmail dot com
  6. Now cross your fingers and hope your screenshot will be added to the gallery! 🙂

Let me start things off…here’s my amazing screenshot (I’m sure you guys can do better):


That’s it…depending on how many entries I get, the post should be up by the next day or the one after. Happy “screenshotting” (is that a word?!)!! 😉

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