Thursday’s iPhone News Round Up

Welcome to Thursday! We’ve made it over the hump! Anyways, for today I thought I’d give a shout out to some of the more interesting stories I’ve seen lately. The following sites have written about some interesting news, and now it’s your turn to check them out. Here they are in no particular order:

iPhone Atlas talks about about the iPhone OS 2.0 firmware could be leaked soon…interesting stuff.

The Huffington Post mentions how the Apple Stores in New York are apparently sold out of iPhones. You know what this means? For all you Canadians out there, you better hurry up and head for the border to buy your iPhone already!

iPhone Alley speculates about how the next generation 3G iPhone could be coming with OLED displays.

Just Another iPhone Blog’s vacation produced some beautiful pictures via the iPhone camera! sheds some light on the “HiPhone vs iPhone” debate…I thinks me wants a HiPhone!

That’s it for now, expect a review coming up shortly of the OtterBox Defender Series iPhone case…coming your way soon. Enjoy your Thursday. 🙂

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