TikTok to Soon Feature ‘Stories’ on For You Page

Last year, it was reported that TikTok was working to develop its own Instagram Stories-like feature. It now appears as though the 24-hour posts may soon land on the video creation and sharing app and its ‘For You’ page.

From the sounds of it, TikTok’s Stories sounds very similar to what Instagram, Snapchat, and at one point, Twitter had established. According to social media consultant Matt Navarra, reported by 9to5Mac, the feature will begin to appear on TikTok’s For You page rather than having its own dedicated page.

As Navarra explains, TikTok has decided to integrate Stories in a way that enables users to see all other users’ Stories rather than only those they follow. Navarra also states that as of now, TikTok is calling this feature ‘Quick’ as opposed to previous reports which pegged the name as Stories. When scrolling on the For You page, Stories will have an identifiable blue tag.

Similar to Instagram Stories and Snapchat, TikTok’s new feature enables the sharing of videos and posts that can be viewed for a 24-hour period. After that, the posts will disappear.

As of now, it’s undetermined when TikTok will roll the feature out to a wide userbase. Currently, it appears as though TikTok is merely previewing and testing the feature with select users.