Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg Get Top Approval Ratings Among Tech CEOs: Poll


According to a new Morning Consult poll (via AppleWorld.Today), Apple CEO Tim Cook has the second-highest approval rating of tech leaders. At the top spot is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, with 48% of registered voters viewing him favourably. About 39% of respondents said they view the Apple leader favourably, while most of the rest (44%) said they hadn’t heard of him or have no opinion. 31% of voters said the same thing about Zuckerberg.

The report also reflects that the only other tech CEO with similar recognition and favorability is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, with 38% of respondents saying they like him. 59% of voters said they hadn’t heard of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Larry Page (Google), Elon Musk (Tesla), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Travis Kalanick (Uber) complete the list of CEOs included in the poll.