Tim Cook Honors Steve Jobs’ 59th Birthday

It comes as no surprise that Apple CEO Tim Cook has remembered Steve Jobs’ 59th birthday, acknowledging the day in a pair of Tweets honouring the company’s late co-founder and vowing to continue “the work he loved so much”, MacRumors is reporting. Just over two years after his passing, all us Apple fans around the world are once again remembering the greatest visionary the digital age has ever seen.


As the source points out, Cook cleverly addresses Apple’s lack of significant announcements so far in 2014 while remembering Jobs’ legacy in a tweet, reminding his followers of Jobs’ philosophy on making sure all details are taken care of. “Remembering Steve on his birthday: “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right”, Tweeted Cook.


Tim Cook has previously promised that Apple is working on “some really great stuff” in new product categories, with an ‘iWatch’ and new a television-related product topping the list of rumours.