Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Free Up Storage Space on Your iPhone

If your iPhone storage is almost full, this quick little tip might help free up some space. As pointed out by the folks over at CNET, when you delete pictures and video from Photos, they aren’t actually deleted right away, but are dumped into the Photos app’s equivalent of the trash can called the “Recently Deleted” folder. 

Recently deleted

You deleted photos and videos are initially moved to a “will delete after 30 days” storage pod in the Photos app’s storage space, which most of us forget to permanently clean up. So if you haven’t thought of it yet, simply head over to the Recently Deleted folder of the Photos app, select everything, and hit the trash can icon.

It’s highly likely that you will regain some valuable storage space by following this simple tip. And while you’re at it, make sure you enable the Optimize Storage option on your iPhone, which automatically sends your photos and videos up to iCloud and only a much-lower resolution thumbnail is kept on the phone, further freeing up storage space on your iOS device.

Feel free to share any tips for clearing space without deleting photos on the iPhone in the comments section below.