Tip: How to Quickly Free Up Storage on Your iPhone [VIDEO]


If your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is running low on space, this neat little trick can help you free up some precious storage on your iOS device. Your device does not need to be jailbroken to make it work either. Simply follow the steps below to try it out (via iTwe4kz):

Step 1:

Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, to take note of how much storage you have on your device

Step 2:

Now open iTunes and tap Search. Look up a movie, such as “Lord of the Rings”.

Step 3:

Once the search results are displayed, pick a movie that has a bigger file size than your device’s remaining storage. For instance, if you have 1.8GB remaining on your device, select a movie that is 3.0GB or so. You can view each movie’s file size in description.

Step 4:

Now tap Rent Movie. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay anything since there is not enough space on your device to download it.

Step 5:

You will soon see “Cannot Download” message due to insufficient storage space. On this message, tap on Settings and again go to General > Storage.

Step 6:

Now you will notice that your storage space has magically increased by up to 500MB or so. You can repeat the above procedure and each time, some space will be freed up automatically.

That’s it. Enjoy this quick tip whenever you are in desperate need of some extra storage space!