Tips & Tricks: Use AirDrop From Quick Look In OS X Mountain Lion

Apple introduced AirDrop WiFi ad-hoc service in Mac OS X Lion 10.7 that allows users to exchange files between Macs without the need of a Wi-Fi network or any configuration. While the feature is fairly simple to use via the OS X Finder, folks over at OSX Daily have pointed out that using AirDrop is now easier than ever with OS X Mountain Lion where users can transfer files through AirDrop straight from a Quick Look window.

See how quick ‘n easy it is to AirDrop any file in OS X Mountain lion:

  • Locate any file in the Finder of OS X Mountain Lion and hit the Spacebar to summon Quick Look
  • Click the Sharesheet icon in the upper right corner [>] and select “AirDrop” from the menu
  • Have the recipient open AirDrop to be visible as the file destination
  • Click “Send” to transfer the file

Similarly, you can quickly iMessage or even Email a file on your Mac computer right from your Quick Look window in OS X Mountain Lion.