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Toronto’s 407 ETR Partners with Waze to Help Drivers ‘Outsmart Traffic Together’

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407 ETR waze logo

The 407 Express Toll Route (ETR) in Greater Toronto has announced it has partnered with Waze and their Connected Citizens Program.

The partnership means free data-sharing of publicly available traffic info will happen between both organizations, aimed at “deeper insights and safer roads for local drivers.”

The Waze Connected Citizens Program allows partners to get real-time anonymous driver information from drivers themselves running the Waze smartphone app. For the 407 ETR, they will give real-time info to Waze, including construction, crash and road closure data, which will assist Waze drivers before they use the toll route.

“Waze continues to give us the ability to introduce innovative ways to deliver information to our customers and add value to what we offer drivers,” said 407 ETR President and CEO Andres Sacristan, in an issued statement to iPhone in Canada.  “Among our 3 million users many of them use Waze to navigate the busy roads surrounding the GTA and they will feel even better when Waze gets them moving on 407 ETR with real time information about incidents, construction activity and temporary closures.”

407 ETR explains they will be able to provide real-time closures of ramps to Waze, which will assist drivers in taking the fastest route on and off the toll highway. The team also invested “significant resources and expertise” into system changes to let them send info to the Waze platform as quickly as possible.

“Waze was founded on the belief that we can outsmart traffic together,” said Mike Wilson, Waze Canada Country Manager in an issued statement. “Our partnership with the 407 ETR empowers drivers with real-time information on routes, traffic alerts and road closures to get them to their destination on time. Additionally, by leveraging Waze insights, the 407 ETR will now have greater visibility into traffic patterns and make better planning decisions.”

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