Toronto Man Charged in Pokemon GO Stunt for Walking Along Subway Tracks

One Toronto man’s quest to take advantage of the Pokemon GO hype has been charged and fined for his dangerous stunt.

Back in July, YouTuber Mark Correia was seen walking along Toronto subway tracks, pretending to ‘hunt’ for Pokemon. At the time, the TTC characterized the action as an “incredibly dangerous stunt that could have resulted in death, serious injury,” and noted an investigation was pending.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross announced on Twitter this morning Correia has been charged for his actions, for “unauthorized access on subway tracks.” He was fined $425 and must attend court, with a hearing date set for September 16th.

Correia previously told CBC News “People are upset about that, which I understand, but as a comedian we are always trying to push the boundaries,” noting he did not feel unsafe during the stunt, adding he only jumped down after a train had departed.

The video, titled “Pokemon GO Problems”, has amassed just over 450,000 views on YouTube to date—hope it was worth it.