Toronto Pearson Introduces Card Decks for People with Cognitive Special Needs

Toronto Pearson has just announced a new partnership with MagnusCards app as part of Autism Awareness month in Canada, by introducing digital how-to guides (Card Decks) for people with autism and other cognitive special needs. The introductory set of ten Card Decks offers a personal step-by-step guide for passengers who might find the busy airport environment uncomfortable.


Toronto Pearson, Canada’s largest airport, has become the first in the world to use MagnusCards’ innovative digital approach to address the needs of travellers with cognitive special needs. The Toronto Pearson series of Card Decks includes common airport processes like checking in for a flight and going through security screening, to assist those who need some extra help in the busy airport environment.

“Toronto Pearson will become the first airport to participate in the program, setting ourselves apart as leaders in accessibility and demonstrating our commitment to creating a universal experience for all passengers” said Scott Collier, Vice President, Customer and Terminal Services at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. “We are responding to our passengers who are looking for ways to efficiently navigate Toronto Pearson while travelling with family members with cognitive special needs.”

For those who aren’t familiar, MagnusCards is an app developed in Canada, that leverages technology to empower and support people to ensure they can navigate a variety of daily functions, with support from the photos and step-by-step instructions provided on the Card Decks.

To learn more about the free MagnusCards app, click here.