Toronto’s KnowRoaming SIM Sticker Offers Cheaper Roaming Charges

Toronto-based KnowRoaming has announced the launch of their KnowRoaming sticker, which aims to reduce your ‘bill shock’ when roaming abroad. The $35 sticker applies to your existing SIM card for your unlocked iPhone (or other phone) and according to the company, “reduces roaming charges by as much as 90% compared to domestic provider roaming rates.”

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The sticker only activates when users leave their home location and roam in another country. Essentially, the sticker replaces the need to remove your carrier SIM card to plug in a local SIM for cheaper rates.

“We know roaming and have created a device that emulates the convenience of traditional roaming without the cost,” said KnowRoaming CEO and co-founder Gregory Gundelfinger. “We looked at why roaming has persisted for so long and why people continue to pay exorbitant fees and decided to dedicate ourselves to developing a seamless and convenient solution to these problems. With the KnowRoaming sticker, never again will you have to search for wifi, buy a local SIM card or be shocked by international roaming charges.”

KnowRoaming’s technology uses a patent-pending SIM card platform that enables precision over the air updates (POTA) to any part of the code using silent SMS on smartphones. There is a companion iOS app to manage your account, see real time usage, compare rates, and more. The technology is prepaid and credit never expires.

Check out the promo video below:

We used their rate checker on the company’s website to determine what it would cost to use this service for Canadians visiting the USA–check them out below:

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KnowRoaming tells us their sticker can be easily removed from your SIM card.

The service seems to offer convenience over buying local SIM cards and signing up to a pay as you go plan while traveling, which can save you time. But of course, using KnowRoaming means you’re going to be using their rates opposed to going directly to local carriers. Time is money, right?

Anyone interesting in trying this? Canadians still have other options available, such as Roam Mobility for their visits to the USA (Get 10% off with coupon AFF-FCMAX).