Sale: Touchscreen Kindle on Sale for $64 Again, Shipped Free

If you missed the Black Friday sale on for the new touchscreen Kindle e-reader, the online retailer has again cut its price down to $64 ($15 off), which includes free shipping. This new model launched back in September and has a touchscreen display, 20% faster processor and double the storage over its predecessor.

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If you read your Amazon book collection from your iPhone or iPad using Amazon’s Kindle iOS app, the Kindle will sync pages where you left off using WhisperSync. This 6-inch screen with 167 ppi has Wi-Fi built-in, has battery life of weeks on a single charge and weighs 191 grams.

I currently have the first-gen Paperwhite (unfortunately not on sale), which has the built-in front-lit screen and it’s pretty great. But for first time Kindle owners, this touchscreen model is great way to enter into the world of owning an e-reader for the first time.

This is probably the best time to buy a Kindle as it only goes on sale a couple times every year and could make a pretty cool Christmas gift for those avid readers!

Click here to buy the touchscreen Kindle from for $64.