Transport Canada: Electronic Devices Now Allowed During All Phases of Flight

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Transport Canada has announced today customers will be able to use personal electronics during all phases of flights in Canada, such as when an aircraft takes off, climbs, descends and lands, as long as devices are in flight mode or non-transmitting.

  • Passengers will soon be in a position to use portable electronic devices such as cameras, electronic games, tablets and computers during all phases of flights, provided their airline has met certain safety conditions.
  • As always, passengers who use transmitting portable electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones or e-readers, will need to ensure they are in a non-transmitting or flight mode before using them on an aircraft.

Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, said in a statement:

“This is great news for air passengers, and an exciting day for the Canadian aviation industry. By collaborating with our aviation partners, we are able to offer airlines the tools they need to safely enable passengers to use portable electronic devices on airplanes, while still maintaining the highest standards of aviation safety.”

Previously, passengers were prevented from using their devices during take off and landing portions of flights.

Last fall, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration announced it would now allow electronic device usage during all phases of flight. At the time, Raitt said her department was assessing a regulatory change to also allow the same in Canada, which we now have today, six months later.

Air Canada was quick to commend the government’s announcement and said they are finalizing measures to safely implement the new rules.

What do you think about this new ruling?