TSMC to Manufacture Apple’s A10 Chips Using 10 nm Process [Rumour]

Deep inside Apple’s supply chain, the ongoing battle between Samsung and TSMC for the A-chip orders continues. Following up rumours of Samsung winning the majority of A9 chip orders, now the latest whispers from Taiwanese suppliers reveal that TSMC will be “compensated” with the majority of A10 chips due next year.


According to sources speaking with United Daily News (via GforGames), TSMC will trial a 10 nm process in its facility located in Hsinchu, with full production being scheduled for next year.

These supply chain sources claim TSMC’s 10 nm facilities will be “essential” for the A10 chip orders, with some being confident that the manufacturer could win all of the orders, but this is unlikely considering Apple’s strategy of working with multiple suppliers.

What seems to be closer to the truth, though, is that the manufacture of A9 chip orders hasn’t yet begun. Fact is, TSMC is preparing for winning as much orders as it can from Apple.

In a separate report, Digitimes‘ sources claim Apple has plans to add a new supplier for LCD driver ICs, such as Taiwan-based LCD driver IC suppliers, choosing one from Novatek Microelectronics, Himax Technologies, and FocalTech Systems.