Turn You Videos into Comics with Microsoft Pix for iOS

Microsoft Pix app for iOS has today been updated with a couple of great new features, allowing you to take bigger, wider pictures, and also turn your videos into comics. The app, which is powered by a suite of intelligent algorithms developed by Microsoft, promises to take the guesswork out of getting beautiful photos and videos with its latest update.

Pix PS 600x400 canyon

The first of the two features called ‘Photosynth’ lets you create photos that take in more of the perspective or scene you are standing in front of. The app lets you freely pan and capture from side to side, up and down, back and forth, and even go back to the start to include any missed parts of the scene. “The idea came after some frustrations I had when trying to take a picture of Snoqualmie Falls”, said Josh Weisberg, principal program manager at Microsoft’s AI & Research.

“I didn’t want to have to choose which part of the scene to capture, and I wanted it all with detail. Photosynth means you no longer have to choose. I can now capture the whole scene in a way that feels natural. As with all Pix features, we have also worked to give the best image quality by introducing more intelligent ways to compute exposure and stitching”.

The second feature ‘Pix Comix’, that makes use of the core Pix feature Moment Capture, identifies the most interesting frames in a video to generate a comic strip. The app uses its deep learning model to score and select three high-quality frames, searching specifically for non-blurry photos, faces with eyes open and interesting scenes.

Microsoft says that Pix Comix performs AI processing on device, selecting the best frames and formatting them into a comic strip. You can also add and edit speech bubbles that can be moved, rotated and resized. To grab the free update, use the following App Store link.

Download Microsoft Pix for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]