TV and Music Auto-Identification Coming Soon to Facebook Apps

Facebook has today announced in an official blog post that a new feature that will identify TV shows and music playing in the background, is coming soon to its mobile apps, allowing users to quickly share the song or show they are listening to or watching (via TNW). The feature will be available in the iOS and Android apps in “the coming weeks”, according to the Facebook blog.

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Similar to Shazam, the TV and music identification feature will allow the app to listen for content using the microphone to identify music, movies or TV shows playing in the background, and will be activated automatically while writing a status update. In case of a possible match, it will prompt the user to add the song, TV show or movie to the post, without actually requiring to type anything. In case of music, a 30-second snippet of the song will be shared with friends as well.

“In the last year, people shared more than 5 billion status updates that included these kinds of feelings and activities, sparking conversations with friends in a more visual way. Today, we’re making those conversations quicker and easier by introducing a new way to share and discover music, TV and movies.

That means if you want to share that you’re listening to your favorite Beyoncé track or watching the season premiere of Game of Thrones, you can do it quickly and easily, without typing.”

Check out the video to get an idea of how it works: