tvOS 11.2 Update to Add Choice for Content Matching Based on HDR or Frame Rate

When Apple releases it to the public, tvOS 11.2 will let Apple TV 4K owners optionally force the device to match the content by frame rate or by HDR.

In the current tvOS release, Apple prefers frame rate whenever possible to avoid the interface juddering displayed when tvOS runs at 30 hertz. In a report, The Verge notes that the policy can create issues with some televisions. For example, on a TV capable of 60 hertz HDR10 but 30 hertz Dolby Vision, tvOS will default to the former regardless of how it looks.

The change in tvOS 11.2 was discovered in a developer video on Apple’s website. People will be able to go into the Video and Audio menu within the Settings app, select “Match Content,” then toggle “Match Dynamic Range” and/or “Match Frame Rate” on and off.

The first beta of tvOS 11.2 was released on Monday and includes APIs for automatic frame rate and HDR switching for apps that don’t use AVKit for media playback.