Twitter Adds Gratifying Animation When You’re the First to Like a Tweet

Twitter has added a new animation specifically for the first “Like” on a tweet. Now, users will be shown a flashy animation featuring a ‘+1’ and a few plus signs floating out of the heart symbol.

The social media platform announced the inclusion of the new like animation through the official channel on Twitter. The animation is now available for users to try out on both iOS and Android. To see the effects of the feature, a user merely needs to be first to like a tweet. Following that, the animation will quickly play out.

The reasoning behind the sudden inclusion of this animation is still unclear. Perhaps this was included as a measure to kickstart interactions on newer tweets. Or perhaps it’s a way for Twitter to stand out across other social media platforms that have been using the standard “like” process for so long. Adding an animation adds a little extra for the first people to like a tweet. Alternatively, Twitter could be speaking to the same community that spams “First” on tweets, comments, etc.

At the end of the day, it’s a fun animation to see. Try it out for yourself and start liking those tweets.