Twitter Can No Longer Display Instagram Photos Properly

Instagram has today disabled a feature that allows photos to be properly displayed on Twitter’s website and applications, reports the New York Times. The move will further escalate tensions between the two companies, which were once friends in the battle against Facebook.

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A status update on Twitter’s website says Instagram has disabled its integration with Twitter cards, a feature required to display images and content within Twitter messages. Meanwhile, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said today at the LeWeb conference in Paris that while the relationship with Twitter is changing, Instagram will remain integrated with Twitter in some form. He added that he wants more people to view images via Instagram’s site instead of through other sites.

“We’ve decided that right now, what makes sense, is to direct our users to the Instagram Web site,” Mr. Systrom said, noting that Instagram images will soon no longer be visible on Twitter. “Obviously things change as a company evolves.”

Mr. Systrom did not say when images will cesase to show up on the site.

Instagram users will still be able to generate a tweet on Twitter when they post a photo. But when someone clicks on the Instagram link in those tweets, they will be taken out of the Twitter site or app and directed to Instagram’s site to view it.

For now, Instagram photos appear incorrectly on Twitter, sometimes showing up cropped or off center. It is not known whether Instagram will completely disable the ability for Twitter to show pictures on its website or not.