Twitter Building Dedicated Pages for News Events

In order to generate more “live” shared experiences, Twitter is creating dedicated pages for news events, that will bring all of its features together, including Trending, Moments, live video, curated timelines, and search (via BuzzFeed). These pages will be promoted people’s timelines, search, Explore tab, and via personalized push notifications.

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Twitter’s dedicated pages will include curated timelines that will show the best and latest tweets about an event, live video at the top when relevant, and a compose field at the bottom for people to comment. “This change we’re working on is designed to make it as easy to follow an event as it is to follow a person,” Twitter Product VP Keith Coleman said in a briefing at Twitter headquarters Tuesday.

The social network believes users will be able to get the best of the conversation on its platform, simply by tapping one tile without even following any accounts.

The changes are part of a “much larger arc in the transformation of Twitter,” Coleman said, adding that Twitter wants these event pages to exist for anything that’s happening in the world: “Every episode of every TV show, anything that’s going on that’s remotely newsworthy, every game of every sport — that’s the dream we’re heading towards.”

For new and casual users, it can be even more useful, helping them quickly dive into an event as it’s happening without having to build a follow list, one of Twitter’s most arduous experiences.

Twitter has not yet shared how it plans to monetize the event pages.