Twitter Introduces New Features Ahead of Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Just ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games beginning on Tuesday, August 24th, Twitter has introduced a bunch of new features while sharing some fresh insights for fans checking out the Paralympic Games in the coming days.

Heading into the games, new research shows that people on Twitter have strong opinions about the #Paralympics, with over 82% agreeing the games deserve more attention and coverage than they receive. 

Twitter has also introduced some new features for the fans to use and follow the campaigns in the following three categories to be part of the #Paralympics conversation and experience on the social media platform.

Twitter Emojis

Fans worldwide can unlock the official Paralympics emoji by Tweeting #Paralympics throughout the Games. Similar to the #Tokyo2020 Olympics, Twitter will also be home to a series of custom emojis for sports and custom emojis that unlock when you Tweet #Gold, #Silver or #Bronz

Accessibility Features on Twitter

There is also a large portion of people on Twitter who use the service’s various accessibility features. Some recent additions to these features include:

  • Captions for Twitter Spaces
  • Captions for Voice Tweets 
  • Picture descriptions 
  • Tweeting from the web using VoiceOver on macOS

Introducing #WeThe15

People on Twitter can also follow @WeThe15 and use related hashtags to listen and be part of conversations from and about 15% of people in the world have a disability.

The #WeThe15 campaign officially launched on August 19, 2021 and will be a 10-year journey that aims to transform the lives of the one billion people globally who have a disability.