Twitter Testing New Way to Filter Spam in Direct Message Inbox

As reported by TechCrunch, Twitter is experimenting with a new filter for offensive content and spam in the Direct Message inbox, that will move unwanted messages to a separate tab. Currently, the only way to avoid Direct Message spam is to adjust your settings so only those you follow can send you private messages.

The source notes that Direct messages from people you don’t follow on Twitter will be moved to Message Requests section and below that, users will find a way to access these newly filtered messages.

Users will also need to tap the ‘Show’ button to read those messages, a feature that will further protect them from having to face the stream of unwanted content. If a message is identified by Twitter as potentially offensive, its preview will say the message is hidden because it may contain offensive content.

The change could allow Direct Messages to become a more useful tool for those who prefer an open inbox, as well as an additional means of clamping down on online abuse.

It’s not clear why a feature like this really requires a “test,” however — arguably, most people would want junk and abuse filtered out. And those who for some reason did not, could just toggle a setting to turn off the filter.

Twitter has recently announced a few other changes coming to its platform, including a way to follow topics and a search tool for the Direct Message inbox.